Dr. Sanghvi Medical care Pvt. Ltd.

The prioritised vision of company is to establish clinics across the country where all kinds of harmless yet effective pain treatments are available under one shelter. Not only that, we want to provide cashless treatments which are made very affordable and accessible by all. 

Company has launched his first project, MISSION PAIN to make the ideas, a reality.
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Mission Pain.

There are ample of treatments available for pain management ranging from electrotherapy to steroids. Depending upon your type of pain and discomfort your doctor prescribes you the treatments usually. Out of which Pain killers and Steroids are well known for their effects and side effects in current time.
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indian academy of dry needling


IAODN was INDIA's First Dry Needling Academy started in 2011, since its start it is engaged in providing up-to-date advancement in subject also it teaches the MYOTATIC APPROACH of Dry Needling designed by Dr.Sanghvi.  

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Academy of Integrative Medicine


Our Mission is: “Healthy World is Prospering World.”

Our Mission is to educate the health professionals with highest level of upgraded course curriculum in respective fields. Skill based Training is our main motive in era of integrative medicine. We see a vision of developing integrated medicine structure where any health practitioner can learn and upgrade his skills to cover entire health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of his patients/client.

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Welcome to AAsthAA Multi Therapy Clinic

At the end of the day we often find our self, weak tired and soaked due to physical as well as mental stress. Later on this stress leads us and brings us in such condition when we realise it, as a disease of our body and mind. What we mean is, we treat only physic but since the root of the disease is not always at the level of physic,so treating only physic is not a way out to cure the disease. Sometimes we often get to hear that patient's illness is solved or cured almost at the half with the great will power of his. So collectively, it is nothing but about curing body and mind simultaneously when it comes to treat any disease. It is about treating patient's outer and inner self both. As the new era began we came out with great efficiency in medical science that is never neglected but at the same time we have been losing our inner self and inner power to fight with the physical as well as mental diseases. So it is very important to treat any disease by reaching its root both the ways

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Global Association of Integral Medicine

Our Motive is to Spread Holistic Medicine System in to Health Care Professionals and Societies.

GAIM is an initiative to Acknowledge, Explore and educate all essential form of medicine sciences which are time tested and evident to help improving health in Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels, to the Society and Health Care Professionals.

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